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I was born in Douala in a poor and crowded house. Opportunities and prospects of a better life were slim. I quickly realised that if I wanted anything more for myself, I had to leave Cameroon. I learnt about a way to Europe through university and set my mind to it. Everyone thought this was too big of a dream that I would never reach. But I didn’t let anyone go against my determination. I worked hard every day with this one goal in mind.

When I was 22, I was offered an opportunity I couldn’t refuse: to go to Italy to work as I always dreamt of. I arrived in Parma alone with just a few belongings, leaving my husband and two young daughters back home. I felt more than ever the responsibility to earn a decent living for myself and my family.

I wish I could tell you that the colour of my skin didn’t matter so much in the way I was welcomed. But this wouldn’t be the truth. When I started looking for work, I hoped to be offered the same opportunities as any other young and hard-working woman. I soon found out that the only positions available to me were being a cleaner or taking care of the elderly, which no one else wanted to do.

This wasn’t good enough. I hadn’t worked so hard, studied for so many hours and left my family in Cameroon so that I could clean after other people. Once again, I decided to go against the odds. I visited the jobcentre again and again until they told me about an opening in a spa. I applied, and to everyone’s surprise, they hired me as a massage therapist.

It’s there that I discovered a new world of wellness and beauty, where hard work is valued, and the client’s experience is at the heart of everything you do. I enjoyed every aspect of it. My clients often said I had ‘good hands’ which gave me confidence in pursuing a career in beauty. I wanted to learn more and train to provide other treatments.

The next six years were hectic. I found a way to support myself, work, train at the renowned Ecipar Beauty school and take care of my family now living with me. I can’t say it was easy. There were many obstacles, I was told ‘no’ more times than ever before, but I always saw past it. I had a new goal to reach – to work for myself and open my own salon.


I will teach you about products and techniques to ensure every treatment is a success.

I will help you gain confidence and finesse with each gesture to provide the best treatments.

With so much competition, your best asset to attract clients is to offer a customer experience they will never forget.

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Exceptional Therapist


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Reason Behind

Our Success & Motivation


You get to choose – either you have a good excuse not to start or a great story about how you started.’


We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life

With so much competition, your best asset to attract clients is to offer a customer experience they will never forget.

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